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"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease"

The power of the physical and emotional body to heal itself is not disputed. How incredible it is to watch a small cut on the skin heal over usually within several days. Your body will close the wound and repair the skin so well, that you will not be able to tell the difference after several weeks. When your body is in need of healing, it will communicate by pain and emotional unrest. These are Nature's signals to you that you have to Change the way you do things and remove the source of the sickness.

When you visit a Homeopath, they will not claim to heal and cure a disease but instead the gentle homeopathic medicine is given to match the unique personality of the person. That is why a Homeopath spends over an hour listening to what a patient has to say and why many people see Homeopaths through word of mouth and patient referral.

This simple form of natural medicine has been with us for many hundreds of years and is used extensively throughout the world with links to the ancient Sanskrit writing of India and the teaching of Hippocrates. More recently the philosophy was developed by a German doctor and chemist, Samuel Hahnemann who emphasized the need for "permanent restoration of health". His approach was aimed at prescribing on the cause of disease to obtain maximum curative effect for the individual. Today in this country there is no evidence to support this bold claim but many people say they feel better after they have shared their health and life story with a registered and experienced practitioner.

Homeopathy is suitable for all age groups and can work in parallel with conventional medicine without adverse effects. Conventional medicine tends not to treat the source of illness, but rather deal with the symptoms only . Homeopathy provides another alternative perspective in the search to alleviate a huge range of emotional and physical illnesses. Most importantly, the emphasis is on maintaining a healthy immune system so that if illness does affect us, the body has a better chance of a quick recovery.

HOMEOPATHY - A WONDERFUL ALTERNATIVE METHOD OF MAINTAINING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE in having the chance to discuss your emotional and physical problem with someone who has time to listen

Wenda Holland Bsc (Hons)LCPH MARH is a registered Homeopath. She trained at the 'College of Practical Homeopathy' in London for four years and she experienced the effectiveness of treating her family at first hand. She is a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and she is privileged to treat a huge variety of clients from the local area of HYTHE and ASHFORD and beyond. Wenda sees patients from FOLKESTONE, CANTERBURY, and the MEDWAY TOWNS as well as other areas of Kent and London.

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